Posted October 3, Sign in with Microsoft. If you need high quality audio then getting a pair of external speakers or headphones is highly recommended. The port distribution is good and things are easy to access. Sony rates the included rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery as giving you between 1. Overall the display is really great, the brightness and excellent contrast provide a pleasurable viewing experience. I probably tried more stuff but I just cannot think of it at the moment.

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That amount of battery life is wishful thinking with the FJ.

Sony VAIO FJ Series Notebook Review (pics, specs)

The vaio vgn-fj170 web came and mic can be great for video chat or doing such things as Skype and IP telephony.

The horizontal viewing angle of the screen is very good, even from degrees off to the side the screen is still bright and you can see such things as text vaio vgn-fj170.

For a thin and light machine targeted at business users and students, I believe the 1. Visit vaio vgn-fj170 faio of sites: Benchmarks To get a readout of vaio vgn-fj170 processor performance we use the program Super Pi to force the processor to calculate Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy.

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Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It was very quiet and does a good job of staying cool. The port distribution is good and things are easy vaio vgn-fj170 access. vaio vgn-fj170

A view of the keyboard and touchpad view larger image Discussing keyboard feel is always a bit subjective as personal preference comes in to play. And with the anti-reflective coating to minimize reflection, you can enjoy a beautifully clear image from any viewing angle. Sony included a screen saver that I found rather memorizing as it uses colorful vaio vgn-fj170, wildlife and marketplace pictures to demonstrate the screen. The vaio vgn-fj170 programmable buttons are very nice to have, you can configure them to open such applications as a browser or email with the touch of a button.

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Vaio vgn-fj170 the overall screen has some flex to it and can be bent. These screen type marketing terms are a bit confusing really. Sign In or Sign Up.

Sony VAIO VGN-FJ – описание, характеристики, тест, отзывы, цены, фото

The screen on the FJ series is a The palm rest areas got a little warm during a benchmark vaio vgn-fj170 being run, but nothing terrible. The keyboard also feels a little on the clunky side. vgn-rj170

Sign In Sign Up. Sign in with Facebook. I prefer ThinkPad style keyboards where each key feels very individual and pushes down a long way. Double tapping can be used to register vaio vgn-fj170 a double click. Though no light comes on like there used to. The raised fgn-fj170 buttons are vgn-fj107 vaio vgn-fj170 size and easy to feel, no complaints there. If you need high quality audio then getting a pair of external speakers vaio vgn-fj170 headphones is highly recommended.

The bottom stayed relatively cool too. The vertical vaio vgn-fj170 angles vaio vgn-fj170 not as good, color distortion kicks in after you go outside a degree range of the prime viewing angle. The video quality it provides is definitely serviceable.

Ok, tried to toubleshoot my sisters wireless issue from miles away