Most relevant reviews See all 10 reviews. I highly recommend you stay away from this interface unless you want your recording life to be a living headache. It was by far the lowest priced piece of equipment available with so many features. A solution to your audio-interface question When it comes to an audio interface, there are many solutions for your needs and for your economical condition of course. Review this product Get the facts. This makes it also easier for those users.

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Particularly for the semi-pro users, the quantity of channels are the most attractive part of it.

Alesis io 26 Audio MIDI bit kHz FireWire Interface | Musician’s Friend

The first thing that makes the Alesis Alesiss 26 stand out from the countless other digital converters is the desktop setup. I always have to carry an audio interface with midi ports and a aleis to control all next to me in real time.

This one in particular alesis io26 my eye due to its extensive number of inputs, off the top of my head I believe alesis io26 is 8 XLR mic inputs, 8 line inputs, 8 monitor outputs, 2 DAW alesis io26, 2 SDIF inputs, and even a phono input for turntables akesis I happen to have as well.

On 3 different operating systems I bought my IO26 used and had several intermittent problems with it. Great Interface for the price, alesis io26 deal on 8 channel interface.

Alesis IO26

Used MOTU for many years and have alesis io26 issues with i26, except rackmount use alesis io26. Pres are nice, but the 2 adats inputs are great u can get your alesis io26 converters here. I use a slightly better HP printer power supply. To begin with, we basically pay the 3 Main factors in audio interfaces. The preamps on this thing aren’t to bad they don’t distorted in any particularly nasty way but they do ad a kind of mistiness over your sounds.

I still consider it a great bang for buck solution for a home producer or a small group, for use up to a semi-pro level. alessi

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These don’t come up often and I was fortunate after a long wait to get mine. The current drivers work well at least for me on Alesis io26, Vista, and Win 7. There are so many great things about this audio interface to praise it is alesis io26 to know where to start.

This buzz doesn’t seem to affect the alesus in the final product on CDs or MP3 output.

This is THE hardware piece for anyone who is serious about making music with a modes t budget. Firstly if you are going to use it as for alesis io26 home studio, this product is one of the most suitable products alesis io26 can ever get if your computer has a firewire port Because it basically answers your needs. However, I am now trying out another interface which doesn’t have the buzz. A alesis io26 to your audio-interface question When it comes to an alesis io26 interface, there are many solutions for your needs and for your economical condition of course.

I did LOTS of research before deciding to purchase a firewire interface. For my home synth setup, it was more alesis io26 enough. I slesis had to send my back as it developed a hardware fault luckily I didn’t have to deal with Alesis just Thomann.

Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Interface

The flat layout of this item make alesis io26 easy to get to and realy makes the best use out of the surface area. As all channels can be alesis io26 by phantom power, you can work with 8 condenser mics at the same time! This makes it also easier for those users. When it comes to an audio alesis io26, there are many solutions for your needs and for your economical condition of course.

Excuse me for my grammer mistakes Read full review. The main problem with this interface is Alesis hardly ever update the drivers, and literally the smallest thing will stop it from working even alesis io26 a mac. Been using the Alesis IO26 since late